How to buy a Motorcycle Safety Helmet For CBT

We are still conducting Compulsory Basic Training ( CBT ) for all riding abilities as long as you have a genuine reason for a motorcycle an example is government advice about avoiding public transport. If your commute is not within walking or cycling distance and you need a motorcycle or scooter then we can help you onto the road.

One of the biggest questions we are asked is if we are able to loan safety equipment in the past this would have been fine but this is not possible at the moment, I am happy to talk you through options though before calling me please read up on the Sharp guide to buying a safety helmet. its informative and well worth a look

You can contact me on 07944036896 but please be aware if I am with a student I will not answer my phone until later in day.

About Simon Walsh

Simon has over twenty eight years teaching all levels of motorcyclists with a calm and professional approach, small class sizes, well maintained motorcycles, New and clean motorcycle clothing, safety helmets, gloves all you need do is book in and turn up with your driving license. Teaching someone to ride a motorcycle has been my full-time career for over 28 years, in that time the industry and the DVSA have changed beyond recognition and I have strived to stay ahead of training techniques and my competitors to offer a second to none motorcycle training experience
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