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Motorcycle Training for CBT and Direct Access licenses

Provisional Licence for Motorcycles

The laws for motorcycles tests changed on 19th January 2013.  To make life simple for the new motorcyclist there are two main categories that a rider may be interested in:

1. Large motorcycle any power, any size. Licence name,  A

To get this licence you will need to be 24 years of age (or have held an A2 motorbike licence for 2 years already – see below)  We provide all the bikes, gear and instruction, and go through the process of CBT, Module 1 and Module 2.  A motorcycle theory test is needed for you to be able to sit the final tests but not needed for the training. You start on a 125cc motorcycles for CBT then move to our new 600cc full power bikes. On passing – you can ride any motorcycle, any power, no restrictions.

2. Medium power motorcycle up to 46Bhp. Licence name,  A2

To get this licence you will need to be 19 years of age. I provide all the bikes, gear and instruction, and go through the process of CBT, Module 1 and Module 2.  A motorcycle theory test must be passed for you to be able to sit the final modules.  You  can start on a 125 motorcycle for CBT then move to our Suzuki SV650 ABS, This complies fully with the new laws! On passing – you can ride any motorcycle up to 46Bhp  You can buy many bikes that produce up to 46Bhp, such as the Honda NC700 .  You can also restrict any motorcycle to 46Bhp, so long as the original power output was not over 92Bhp.  It’s really easy to get a bike restricted and a good motorcycle shop will be able to help.

There is no automatic upgrades of licence – if you wish to move up to a full (A) licence you will need to retake the module 1 and 2 tests on an unrestricted 600cc bike when you have reached 24 years of age or held the A2 licence for 2 years.

Other licences

3. 125cc licence –  A1 for riders aged min age 17

A1 – aged 17 you may take your test on a 125cc bike.  You will be limited to just 125cc but will be able to take off your L plates and carry a passenger. There is no automatic upgrade after 2 years as there was before Jan 19th 2013.

Full moped licence –  AM for riders min age 16

AM – Aged 16 you may take a full moped test – you can ride up to 49cc moped with no L plates and carry a pillion passenger You will also be allowed to drive a light quadracycle car – 5Bhp – limited to 28 Mph.

Celtic Rider Training, TERMS & CONDITIONS

Terms and condition of undertaking motorcycle training with Celtic Rider Training, (CRT)

  • Customers are required to comply with all rules and regulations with regard to riding motorcycles as stipulated by the Driver and vehicle Standards Agency and CRT as its agents.
  • Motorcycles are only to be operated under the supervision of and as requested by an approved CRT instructor.
  • Customers must always wear an approved safety helmet, gloves and a CRT tabard when operating a motorcycle. Suitable safety clothing is also recommended for your personal safety.
  • All customers using motorcycles provided by CRT do so at their own risk. The arrangement of personal accident insurance is the responsibility of the individual customer.
  • Any customers using their own motorcycles / mopeds / scooters must ensure that they are fully legal to be used on public roads and do so at their own risk.
  • Motorcycling is a potentially hazardous activity, you take part knowing of the inherent risks. CRT do not accept liability for any loss or injury to a customer resulting from the customers use of a motorcycle or equipment during training.
  • CRT has a client excess of £50 as a result of client misuse or negligence resulting in any damage to motorcycles. All damage costs must be met by the client.
  • All customers’ accounts to be settled prior to issue of DL196 in the case of C.B.T courses and prior to attending the practical test in all other cases.
  • Customer C.B.T or D.A.S vouchers are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue.
  • Customers training on C.B.T. have an entitlement for up to 7 hrs training to complete their course. It is the client’s responsibility to book any unspent hours within a week of original date of course otherwise the unspent hours will be lost.
  • A cancellation policy of 2 clear working days is required on CBT and 5 clear working days on module 1 & 2 course (not including Sunday), deposits on test and training courses are non-refundable, full balance for course is due before training commences.
  • A minimum deposit of £95.00 is required on courses,  balance must be paid before start of course any none payment of fees will result in legal action to recuperate costs
  • Provisional bookings are only valid for 24 hours if deposit is not received course place will be cancelled with out notice

Special needs

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inform CRT of any special needs at the time of booking.

Medical conditions

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inform CRT of any medical conditions at the time of booking, failure to do so may result in cancellation of training without refund.



The above terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

More Information

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