CBT training, if your not smiling your instructor is not doing his job

Ystrad Mynach

I can’t recommend Simon enough. He was a great instructor that got me to pass my Mod 2 first time with little training. From talking with friends about their CBT I can see that Simon goes above and beyond what is need for the CBT. I turned up having never ridden a motorcycle before and by the end of the day I was not only able to ride but I felt confident and safe. Simon goes that extra mile on the CBT to ensure that you are safe and not just able to ride. He also promised that there are only 2 students on the CBT and they are at similar ability levels, which is better than most I spoke with. Simon also offers a Road Craft course day course which is funded by the Welsh government and available to any rider free of charge. I highly recommend this as it was very benificial, teaches safety and good road craft as well as city riding. I basically went from a complete novice to having a full unrestricted licence with just a CBT and 2 days training. The quality of the instructor plays a major part in this and Simon always ensures your are a safe rider. He is also very friendly, easy to chat to and always happy to answer questions. I cant thank him or recommend him enough. Cheers


Just like to say a massive thank you to Simon I would recommend him as a trainer to any 1 who would like to learn to ride. I done my cbt with him then went on to doing mod 1 in a day and then mod 2 in a day so all together In just 3 days I have a full unrestricted motorcycle licence. I would say that is world class training right there. So thank you very much Simon. Justin creed from cardiff. 🙂


Having done my CBT with Simon in June I was never going to do my further training with anyone else. It was great fun with Simon as well as educational. Simon is a born instructor and even i was able to take all the information in, (unusual for me). CBT 24th of june and mod 2 passed on September 7th, thank you Simon couldn’t have done it without you. Recommended to everyone, now riding my dream bike, not saying what. Thanks again, Nathan


Hi Simon, just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have taught me from my CBT last year to my Mod1 and Mod2 this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. For those reading this wondering whether to have lessons with Celtic Rider Training, do it. Simon is friendly, very patient and supportive even when I thought I’d never be able to do it. He not only teaches you how to pass the tests, but also how to ride safely which is so important on a bike. Simon is also very honest, if he thinks you’re ready for the test, he will tell you instead of booking you in for more lessons that you don’t really need. Rather than getting angry and shouting at you if you go wrong, he will calmly give you constructive criticism and explain how you can improve on things and why it’s important that you do so. Don’t let people tell you that just because you’re short you can’t ride a big bike. I’m 5’3″ tall and had my doubts but Simon put me on his 500cc Suzuki and told me I could do it. And he was right. Got a clean sheet in my Mod1 and only one minor on my Mod2, and that’s all down to Simon’s excellent teaching. If you fancy trying life out on two wheels, give Simon a call. He’s a top bloke and you wont regret it!



a big thank you for getting me through my direct access mod 2 test.its still not sunk in yesterday i passed and not only a pass a pass with no minors a clean sheet.i know this was down to your training m8 you have the eyes of an hawk and dont miss the smallest of mistakes which is a brillant thing as this put me on the right road and a better safer rider its also sharpened up my car driving which cant be a bad thing.im so glad first class rider training didnt return my phone call when i first looked into bike training. if anyones thinking of doing any bike training i highly recommend you give simon of celticridertraing a call.


hi, just liked to say a big thanks to simon, (Celtic rider motorcycle training co). He’s a proper gentle man that’s got alot of time for you. He knows his job and he wil pick you up on your bad habits so you can improve yourself ready for test. I passed my Mod 1 with him first time and my Mod 2 first time with him. Thanks again simon.


just like to thank you simon for flying me through my mod 1 training and getting me to pass it first time.im now looking forward to my mod 2 training day and mod 2 test which is only days away.i know with your training and knowledge your making me a better safer rider.you have the patience of a saint simon and the way you instruct is second to none.keep up the good work and see you soon m8.

Mountain ash

Just a quick message to Simon at celtics rider just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me through my test first time top instructor will recommend to everyone


Having never been on a bike before, or even driven a car, I was a complete novice to the road and suffice to say, I had the strained nerves that came with my inexperience. But, Simon put me at ease and by the end of the day, I was brimming with confidence and knowledge. He is engaging and patient, knows when to take a brief step back and will be staright-forward when necessary. I look forward to advancing my motorbiking skills with him. Thank you Simon


As a novice rider I had no idea I would get through my cbt in one piece! But Simon kept me calm and collected and helped with any nerves!! Highly recommended and can’t wait to get back on a bike!!

Thank you Simon!

Russell Hicks


Have to say, there can’t be many instructors able to get me through Mod 1 and 2 with just a couple days of training to re-program the ‘old’ braincells

(and hopefully with your sanity still intact)

Great Instruction, helped even more by the choice of really good handling and safe Bike.

have a merry Christmas Simon.


Simon… I have a confession. You weren’t the first motorcycle school I contacted, it was First Class. They didn’t reply to my text. Maybe because I asked about class sizes, maybe because I’m female – I don’t know. Rude, but I’m grateful they didn’t because it led me to you. Result!

If you’re reading this because you’re looking at training schools to find one that’s right for you like I did, look no further! Simon is everything you want in a bike instructor – an expert in his field, he has small class sizes, so can and will tailor his training to you as an individual rather than giving general instructions to a group. He will tell you what you have done well, what you need to improve and how to do it. If you’re not getting it, he’ll suggest something else. He’s got a great memory, so as well as giving you a running commentary during a ride, you’ll get stage-by-stage feedback at the end of it too.

Simon’s one of those people who can relate to anyone; professional but relaxed, patient and enthusiastic, a top bloke and a really good laugh, after a couple of lessons I felt like I’d known him for years. Riding didn’t some easily or naturally to me, but Simon’s got the knack of knowing when you need a little break and when to give you an extra push. He gives you his full attention and I always felt safe. All the people I met who ended up training with Simon after having a bad experience elsewhere said what a difference it made training with someone who really cares, so don’t make the mistake of going with a bigger outfit who may treat you like a number or a cheque book. I guess some other trainers have fallen into the ‘lazy teacher’ trap, where they want their students to either be able to do it already or be total naturals so they have less work to do but keep up a high pass rate. Simon is competitively priced, and whilst cost wasn’t my main concern – it was learning to ride safely – he always helped to keep the costs down, for example not charging, even for his time, when my Mod 1 was cancelled by the test centre minutes before it was due to start.

I’m no bike expert, but as an expereinced school teacher I know what great teaching looks like. Simon really is an excellent teacher, one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I had a great time learning with him and cannot recommend him highly enough. Simon – a massive thank you!

My Training Highlights:

Those moments when everything comes together and you think ‘yes! I can do this!’

Taking the scenic route back from Newport on a beautiful autumn day.

Overtaking – anything – even when it was just a tractor. Woo-hoo! Eat my dust, tractor!

Warming up and chatting over cups of tea.

Meeting other great trainees, especially Rob who lifted my spirits when I needed it with his Mod 2 pass.

Realising after a few moments that the examiner meant me when he was talking about intimidating other road users – me! I’ve never been called intimidating before! Obviously he didn’t mean it as a positive and I won’t do it again, but I sill kinda liked it.

Simon’s unrepeatable comments on the Taffs Well roundabout after being uncharacteristically silent for so long – it’s 5 days later and I’m still chuckling.

Finally – passing Mod 1 and Mod 2.

Happy days, looking forward to may more on my own bike!!! Create some of your own happy memories and contact Simon now!

Andrew White
United Kingdom

I passed my mod 2 today after training with Simon for mod 1 and 2, and can vouch that he is without doubt a patient and understanding instructor, and would highly recommend anyone thinking of training das or cbt to go with him. I’d previously had an awful experience with another training school and was thinking of not bothering, but within 5 minutes with Simon I knew it would all work out.

Cheers mate,



Passed my mod 2 today so have reached the end of my journy to gaining my full motorbike licence.

Simon has been brilliant from C.B.T to today and I couldn’t of asked for a more patient and clued up instructor.

i have really enjoyed my time training with Simon and I have left feeling confident and safe out on the road.

Another thing worth mentioning is when you are ready for your test Simon will tell you rather than keep you paying for more unnessasary training.

Top instructor , top bloke.

Thanks  Simon.

Julie Summers

So,at 50yrs old I decided it was time to strike one off my bucket list and pass my CBT and hopefully my motorcycle test.  I called a few schools and finally, after speaking to Simon, decided that he would have the unenviable task of trainin me.

I spent a restless night the night before my CBT, and arrived at the training location very nervous.  After just a few minutes of talking to Simon my nerves settled……what a nice guy!

Simon is the personification of patience, talking me through my frustration with myself and keeping me focused and determined…..and all this is blistering tempratures.

Simon’s training is comprehensive, from getting the bike on and off the stand to riding safely on the roads. Nothing fazed him, he never lost patience, he would tell you where you went wrong but also make sure you knew when you did it right.  By the end of the day I looked a mess, my clothes were stuck to me and I ached in places I had forgotten I had,but……I left there feeling confident that I had been prepared for, (and looking forward to), a safe and enjoyable future on two wheels.

Thank you for today Simon, and I look forward to training with you again in preparation for my test.

Craig Fowler

It’s now 10 days since I passed my final test and I every time I go out on the bike I can sense Simon over my shoulder and can hear him in my head “watch your road position”, “bit wide coming out of that corner”, “now give it some beans”. Thats no bad thing as it shows that he’s done a great job in instilling in me the correct and safe way way to ride.

If you want to not only pass your test but ride safely give him a call, I did and thoroughly enjoyed it, you will also get to sample all the Subways, McDonalds and Greasy Spoons in Newport/Merthyr/Cardiff!!

Gemma Jones

Just want to say the biggest thank you to Simon for being such a nice, patient guy! I came to Celtic Riding school with no prior experience of riding a motorbike. Simon was so good with me. He talked me through my nerves, told me and encouraged me in what i was doing right as well as wrong and made me feel much more confident!

I was so pleased to have passed my CBT and don’t think i would have done it without having such a great instructor.

Thank you Simon 🙂

James McKay

I had no prior experience of riding anything other than a twist and go scooter. Thanks to Simon’s excellent ability (as well as patience!) as an instructor, I was able to go from not even having a cbt, through to passing mod 2 and gaining a full unrestricted licence in one week. All in all, it was just a shade over 4 days worth of actual training (I had an early mod 2 test). In addition, it appears that CMT do longer days than the usual format for similar costs and with training typically limited to 2 people max, there is no question you’re getting top quality for the money. The bikes are so good and well maintained that the training is an experience worthwhile in itself.

As someone has mentioned, Simon is a top bloke, as well as very professional. He does the encouragement part but also gives it to you straight and really, this is what you want so you can work through issues. I will surely ‘hear’ his balanced and well-placed criticism for a long time I think….and that’s no bad thing at all! If you’re thinking of doing some training or just want a taster, I don’t think you could do better and I have no hesitancy in recommending Celtic Motorcycle Training.

The Balding Biker

Simon Walsh,Patron Saint of Patience!

Having not driven or ridden anything for well over 30 years,on retiring,I decided to resurrect my biking career!However,a very serious head on with a car all those years ago,left serious problems.The physical injuries cleared up,the mental ones(nerves etc) proved a lot more difficult!

Anyway,bit the bullet and done CBT with a well known valleys school and was seriously unimpressed wih both standard of training and bikes! After some research, decided to contact SI at Celtic Rider, told him my problems and he promptly offered a free assesment ride.I immediately liked the guy(which helps a lot) After assesment we discussed the way forward, and SI tailored a plan to exactly suit my needs. I chose to do a DAS course with him spread out over quite a long period of time,with a long break for winter.

Throughout the whole timeI found SI to be a fantastic instructor,always cheerful and understanding,with a great sense of humour! Nothing phases him(believe me I tried)and eventually his calm,professional and friendly guidance overcomes all! I soon realised with SI, unlike other riding schools where it’s about money, this guy really cares! SI went out of his way many many times and does so much more than could be reasonably expected of him.So if you are thinking of starting,or returning to biking you owe it to yourself to give SI a call.This fella is an absolute gem!

Cheers SI mate,proud to call you a Friend.

Thanks for everything

The Balding Biker.

Nick Elliott

Finally, after years of dreaming of learning how to ride a Motorbike i plucked up the courage and called Simon. It was the best decision i’ve made for a long time. I was informed of excactly what i had to do to obtain my full licence, and i’m almost there. After a free hours assessment(which i loved), i booked my CBT course. The day flew by, and with Simons guidence, patience, and experience it was brilliant. Apart from a crazy day in Corfu 30 years ago, i was a complete novice, but by the end of the course i was riding around Taffs Well, feeling confident, and assured. 4 days later i passed my Theory test(if you revise for it, you wont fail). In a weeks time i begin my Direct Access Training(with Simon of Course). What was a pipe dream, is now almost a reality. Thanks Simon for your great tuition, bring on the big bikes next week.

rob evans

Clear, concise and most importantly confident. These key factors are what made my learning through celtic riders an absolute pleasure … not sure about simons dodgy jokes mind!.

Offering free assessments to producing clear cost estimates is exactly what is needed when deciding on whether or not to go through the biking passage. From this, the bikes Simon uses are perfect and to be honest I would pay the money for the experience let alone ascertaining a qualification at the end of it.

By the time your done you will have not believed you’ve gone this long without a bike liscence!


I would like to say a huge thank you to Simon at CRT for helping me pass my CBT! I had no previous experience on a bike and Simon had so much patience. I actually had to do my CBT in periods over three days, which I found really helped for me personally! He also put me with another beginner which helped my confidence.

His training style is very straight forward …He will tell you what you have done well, what you have done wrong and what you need to improve. I would definitely  trust him to let me know whether I am ready and will be looking forward to trying to persuade him soon to see me through to gaining my full lisence!

Would recommend to anyone of any ability!

Ystrad Mynach

Did my Mod 1 & 2 with Simon and passed both first time. Simon is a fantastic trainer and gives it to you straight. If you’re ready he’ll tell you and if you’re not he’ll help you get there quickly. Lovely bikes and a friendly instructor makes learning fun. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough

T Dando

Simon; I would like to say a big “thank you” for your patience and support in developing my wifes confidence and skills. Consequently she rides her 125cc scooter on a regular basis in and around the busy areas of Cardiff and without worry. I have already recommended Celtic Rider Motorcycling school to others and will continue to do so. I wish you all the best.


did my mod 1 and 2 with so and ugotta say it was great always wanted to do my test and I’m glad I chose him to learn with first class would recommend to anyone wanting to learn. Very good instructions for beginners as I was and trains you to a high standerd  for your test. All I can say is cheers m8 see u soon

trystan evans

even though i’ve always wanted to learn to ride, i wasn’t sure if i had the ability or confidence and didn’t want to waste money on lessons or buying equipment if i wasn’t going to continue riding.  simon offered a free lesson on a 125cc suzuki in a safe environment to assess my ability and for me to get a feel for riding and to see if i enjoyed it.  i loved it!  simon was great, explained things clearly and gave me confidence by his reassuring and calm manner.  i will definitely be doing my cbt with him along with further lessons, it just remains for me to persuade the wife as to how soon that will be!  watch this space………


Brilliant instruction, took my CBT with Simon and he was very patient with me even though I hadn’t ridden a motorbike for almost twenty years.

The training was excellent and having passed my cbt I bought a nice motorbike and am now enjoying not having to use the bus any more. If you’re reading this and you’re unsure whether you can pass your cbt, or just need some lessons to build up your confidence, I can definitely recommend Celtic rider training.

When I get round to going for my full bike licence I know where I’m going for my training, same place I took my cbt which says it all really 🙂

John Walters

Thanks Simon,

You made the lessons interesting, enjoyable and most of all safe. I always felt that Simon had my best interests at heart. He got me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time!

He was always patient and made sure I knew what was to happen and where we were going.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and would recommend Simon to all.

Andrew Tucker

A day to remember!

Around 18 months ago I was looking to do my direct acces. I had passed my mod1 but after issue’s with a certain rider training company based in newport i decided to go with Simon of CRMT. Probably the best choice I had made in a while.

As Simoin hadn’t seen my riding befor he took me out with a lady who was putting in for her MOD-1 test. We had a lovely ride over from Maindee in Cardiff over to the Newport test centre. After the lady had taken her test we rode back to Cardiff via the Saint Brides back roads/twisties. With Simons direction I had plenty of confidence going through all the twists and turns and had a brilliant days ride.

Simon thought my riding was good enough to just put straight in for my MOD-2 so arranged to do it in newport and that was that. Or so I thought! Newport for some reasons had cancelled some tests and mine was one of them. So it was rebooked as soon as possible to be taken in Bristol.

We left Maindee and headed over to chepstow via newport and the old A48 road which was a lovely stretch to start the day and get me ready for the test. Simon was constantly reassuring me via the radio and instructing me on the best possible lines for each oncoming bend. When we got to Chepstow, we had to cross the old Severn Bridge. This was nothing but a thrill! As a learner, I couldn’t go on the motorway, so we went across on the foot bridge! The only thing stopping us from going in the water was a three foot high fence and it was a hell of a long way down. After five minuits we had crossed and I honestly felt that I could pass the test easily after crossing on the footbridge, what a rush. We travlled along the A roads in to bristol at a nice steady pace and stopped off at Fowlers bike shop for a bit of much welcomed food.

After starring at a few bikes that were well out of my price range we headed on through the city over towards the test center. When we arrived we had a quick drink and I endulged in a cheeky ciggy befor leaving on a few of the test routes to get a bit of practice.
Simon took me through each exercise that would be on the test time and time again making sure that I would pass, which was brilliant as I felt that I had definatly got my moneys worth and if I did fail the test the only person to blame would have been myself. Simons method of teaching is brilliant, giving enough detail on each occasion to pull off each riding manourver perfectly. Hill starts, nasty junctions, roundabouts, dual carriageways, built up areas the lot. Simon made sure every aspect of riding was covered and that I was definatly prepared for the test, no nerves just confidence.

Which was exactly what I needed as I passed first time!
Simon’s a brilliant rider trainer, a great guy and I will never forget the experience. I highly recommended booking with him.

John Hayman

Excellent trainer, great attitude with years of experience! Very patient would highly recommended to male or female riders!

My son and I passed within a few weeks!

Thanks alot Simon, wish you all the best in the future!

John and Garin (Abercynon)

Steve McCarthy

Me and my wife Christine started our motorcycle training with Simon through the ‘Get On’ initiative. We both went on to successfully complete our CBT and I have gone on to get my full license under Simon’s expert tuition. I would thoroughly recommend that anyone thinking of getting on to two wheels does it through Celtic Rider Motorcycle Training. Simon is a trustworthy bloke with a very professional approach to training but also has a great ability to maintain a relaxed, enjoyable and safe environment to learn in. Thanks once again for helping me fulfil one of my lifetime ambitions!


Recently did my CBT with simon, i was very impressed with the patience, high knowledge and techniques simon used througout the day while training. Would recommend Celtic Rider Training.

Juli     s

Simon has been a great teacher for me.  He’s been paitent when I’ve struggled with a couple of elements, but he’s talked me through everything and has great explainations for everything!  Most of my training has been done in the rain, but even with the rubbish weather Simon has kept smiling throughout and kept me going.  Thanks 🙂

Lisa Jones

Thanks Si!

Had a fab time training with you – you’re so patient and easy to learn with. No question is stupid!

And I  LOVE being a fully-licensed biker now! 🙂


Thanks Simon, great instructor!

Hi all, I trained with Simon towards the end of last year having done my CBT on a 125. I really enjoyed the training, Simon was great-constructive feedback, clear communication, great knowledge and plenty of riding tips that I still use 6/7months later. I would thoroughly recommend Simon to anyone wanting to learn to ride.

phill williams


I done my cbt with celtic training,I have known him for years he is an excelent instructer would recomend him to anyone !!!!

phill williams

cbt test

I done my cbt test with celtic training,I have known him for many years he is an excelent instructer would recomend celtic rider motorcycle training to anyone !!!!

Nia Richards
Forever Tangles

Calm & Patient!

Thanks CRT for an excellent CBT day. Really impressed by Simon’s calm and patience. I’ve now done my CBT 3 times (I know!) in 15 years and this one was by far the best. Other tutors have got irritated really easily but Simon had plenty of time to explain and demonstrate. Only a few hours of road riding left to finish the CBT off. Looking forward to it. Thanks for a great day Simon! CRT? Highly recommended!!! And we got to have a picnic lunch outside….in the beginning of January!!!!!

Huw Thomas


It’s been great learning with Simon.  Thanks for your good advice, it’s appreciated!


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