Compulsory Basic Training & Covid 19

Motorcycle Training and Covid 19

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) enquiries and questions please call Simon on 07944036896

I can conduct CBT for key workers who need to renew their CBT my class size is one to one* and you must supply your own motorcycle and safety equipment, helmet, gloves and suitable safety gear, I can also conduct CBT for experienced riders who have a brought a bike for their commute to work, I can supply a motorcycle for this but you must have all your own safety equipment (no kit no course)

As Novice riders are considered vulnerable the advice from DVSA is not to training novice riders as we have to be in close proximity for sustained periods (do not try to blag it regarding your experience as you will be sent home)

You have a duty to inform us if you have been in contact with someone who has been ill in the last two weeks as we do

Celtic Rider training is a small motorcycle school that takes pride in giving you the best experience at the moment social distancing means that we can not conduct any Module 1 or 2 or advanced training unless you are a key worker who has an emergency test booked

*I will conduct a two to one CBT course if the students share the same house or work in the same place as long as all social distancing in obeyed

You must supply proof from your employer that you are working and or that the bike is needed for essential needs like shopping and or caring for someone in the community.

Take care and be safe,


About Simon Walsh

Simon has over twenty eight years teaching all levels of motorcyclists with a calm and professional approach, small class sizes, well maintained motorcycles, New and clean motorcycle clothing, safety helmets, gloves all you need do is book in and turn up with your driving license. Teaching someone to ride a motorcycle has been my full-time career for over 28 years, in that time the industry and the DVSA have changed beyond recognition and I have strived to stay ahead of training techniques and my competitors to offer a second to none motorcycle training experience
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