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Are you riding on a CBT or have you a full licence, but not had any formal training after passing your bike test?

The Welsh Assembly government (WAG) have given funding through CRS (Cardiff Road Safety) aimed at you. Its aims are simple to help reduce casualties to two-wheeled riders, it might not be you but we all have mates who could do with a little bit of a nudge in the right direction. Lets be honest even I am still learning, so you may be a confident rider but what harm is there in a little brush up. Through MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) you can now use bus lanes in Cardiff, but what should you be looking and when should you use them? All of these questions and a lot more will be answered through the course.

So a little bit of back ground, after a failed initiative last year I was approached by CRS to give this funding a push in the right direction. The first thing I did was to suggest that one school on its own was in no position to run this course, with a class size starting at eight students to one instructor, and a morning spent in the class room it was not the approach needed. I felt that more schools in Cardiff needed to be brought on board, a class size of two to one over seven hours and most importantly no mixed abilities, so CBT riders with CBT unlike first course!!! A smaller class size and matched rider means you will get the maximum opportunity to ask questions and if your instructor is intuitive enough he will answer the question before you ask it.

So how do you book this course? It’s very simple the contacts are below, pick a school ask the right questions and give us as much information as you can about your abilities (don’t embellish them, be truthful), and bare with us as its summer so you’re not on your own in wanting to train.

Last but not least please share with you mates.

Kind Regards,

Simon Walsh,

Celtic Rider Training.

Celtic Rider Training,

Celtic Rider the original motorcycle training people in South Wales

Celtic Rider the original motorcycle training people in South Wales

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