CBT and finding the right school

Compulsory Basic Training, CBT in Cardiff, Pontypridd and Caerphilly and how not to get ripped off.

It seems to me that i have to post this every year and that’s such a shame that unscrupulous training schools will rip you off with a cheap offers in Nantgarw, Caerphilly and Pontypridd and here is what will happen, you will be in a group of up to 8 people, you will be in a mixed group, you will be charged more if you need a few extra hours even if your instructor kicks you off  as you can’t keep up!!! so please read below and most importantly if your going on to a full license please read below.

Well the summer is here and my phone is ringing off the hook and not all the calls I take are happy ones!! as it picks up so do the schools taking advantage and milking students for every penny they have.

In the last week alone I have talked to two people who trained with different schools and had a horrendous time on CBT, one in a group of Six riders of varying ability, he lasted two hours before his instructor kicked him off course as he was holding everyone up!! and the other student again in a class size of four to one and a mixed group was told after ten minuets trying to pull away that she would have to ride an automatic scooter or go home shame she has a manual bike at home but hey they don’t care they have your money!! both schools charged a lot for this service and truly should be ashamed.

So what’s the solution? Good question, what you need to do is to ask some pertinent questions.

1, What is your Class size on the off-road site. (training schools can legally train four to one-off road and two to one on road)

2, Will there be more than one group of bikes on the site. ( I have seen up to 8 students all jostling for position on a training site)

3, If I need to come back for more training how much will it cost. ( most will charge)

4, how long is the on road riding section (by law it is a minimum of two hours)

5, will I be training in a mixed group, ie, novice and experienced rider on same course.

So here is my Promise to you, I will train you in a group of no bigger than three to one on CBT and two to one for road training on all courses.

I will not put you on a training site with ANY other group.

I will do my best by you and not charge you to come back in for the first two hours (very rare any one needs more than that any way as they have trained in a small group)

I will not cut corners with your loved ones so if its your son or daughter’s first time on road I will make sure they has a good foundation to work from I can also offer them a days training funded by the Welsh assembly post CBT.

I will not put you in a mixed group, if you’re a novice rider you will be with another novice rider.

So if you want to feel confident I will leave you with the words of Rebecca who did her CBT with me Last year, Testimonial

I would like to say a huge thank you to Simon at CRT for helping me pass my CBT! I had no previous experience on a bike and Simon had so much patience. I actually had to do my CBT in periods over three days, which I found really helped for me personally! He also put me with another beginner which helped my confidence.

His training style is very straight forward …He will tell you what you have done well, what you have done wrong and what you need to improve. I would definitely  trust him to let me know whether I am ready and will be looking forward to trying to persuade him soon to see me through to gaining my full licence!

Would recommend to anyone of any ability!
Ride Safe People,


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