Luke Armstrong

The first week on my new Harley done and enjoyed every moment, all possible down to Simon and his excellent training. Having tried to pass before several years ago but unsuccessful, I wanted to find an instructor and not just a business that saw me as a money maker!! With Simon I found just that a genuine great teacher and could not ask for more. CBT, mod 1 and mod 2 all done without a fault insight, which to be fair amazed me & simon considering my nerves!! All the teaching made sense and had a purpose, if not straight away but as I progressed it all came together and made sense. Simon has the patience, knowledge and teaching methods to make you feel comfortable on the bike and understand what it does and why. Having been down this path before without passing I could see the difference in the teaching and the confidence it game me and the proof is in the fact I now have my bike and love it! I can honestly can’t reccomend that if you want your bike license, go to Simon, regardless if I had not passed first time (2nd time around) I knew I was in the right place with Simin to get me through it. Thank you again for all your help, a great guy and a great instructor!!

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